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Name: philip
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Date: Around 1993

Why is it easier to dry dishes washed in warm water then cold water?

I believe it is due to the strong temperature dependence of the evaporation rate. The warmer water molecules are more likely to leave the hotter object for the cooler air.

Sam Bowen

Well, I guess I usually just let dishes dry in the dish drainer... What happens when you dry them with a cloth is that you soak up almost all the water onto the cloth, but the cloth has trouble picking up that last little bit because you just got the cloth wet drying the dish. So, whether the dish was washed in hot or cold water, if you wipe it once with a cloth, you will have a semi-wet cloth and a still-moist dish. Now, if the water was quite hot, what you have just done is spread that hot water over quite a large surface area (the cloth, and the small amount remaining on the dish) and it can evaporate pretty fast. Several wipes, and you are done, and the cloth still is not that wet. But cold water is not going to evaporate just like that, and it may not even want to get into the air at all. The other possible explanation, of course, is that cold water sticks to dishes better than hot water.

Arthur Smith

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