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Name: Unknown
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Date: Around 1993

What causes gravity? I know about Universal Gravitation, but what, other than a formula, really makes two things attract each other?

Your question is very profound. We simply do not know the cause. What we know is that the Gravitational constant G that appears in the gravitational force equation is fundamental. We have no theory that gives us its value. Aside from the actual size of the gravitational forces, the fact that a mass distorts the space around itself by producing a field at points distant from it is one of most profound assumptions of modern science. The electric and magnetic fields are the other familiar fields. With these we have detected the quanta of radiation and have measured their propagation in space. We have not yet detected the graviton for gravity, so we do not yet know how it is propagated in detail. We know in some detail how gravity works, but we do not have a clue about what causes it. For that we would need some theory that would predict at least the value of G.

Sam Bowen

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