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Name: Unknown
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Date: Around 1993

I am interested in information about MHD for a science fair project. I need to know how I can build a magnet for a desk-top size experiment. How much magnetic energy is required? How many volts will I need for the electrical energy?

There are many books that will give a good description. You could buy some insulated wire from a hardware store, the type they use for doorbells, wrap it around a steel bolt, and run the current from a dry cell battery and it will be a magnet. The magnet will be strong enough to pick up light paper clips, but not much more. It does take lots of current to make magnetic fields.

You can make a demo MHD from a magnet and magnetic marbles. The marbles can be purchased at places like Toys-R-Us. Make sure that the magnets inside are spherical not the cheap Asian stuff which is cylindrical.

Sam Bowen

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