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Name: dragonlady
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I am just wondering if there is a higher representation of women in environmental science than other sciences. I think there might be because of the more holistic type of thinking that must occur and I think that women tend to have a more natural interest in protecting our "home." I could be wrong and 1 do not mean to offend anyone with this question.

I am not sure if by "higher representation" you mean a professional association of women in environmental science, an archetype of the "inquisitive nurturer," or what, but here are my thoughts. There is a minor movement among feminist theorists known as "ecofeminism theory" that seems to embody some of the qualities you describe. You could probably find out more about this by asking feminist professors at UC Berkeley. It just occurs to me that by "higher representation" you mean a higher proportion of environmental scientists are women compared to other scientific professions.

I am not sure if anyone has done this yet, but it might be interesting to compare the sex ratios of students and faculty in various different sciences to see if there is some sort of gender selection. Sounds like a good dissertation topic.

Don Libby

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