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What are some casuses for global warning?

Pam, such a seemingly simple questions require unfortunately elaborate answers. Since you have asked two questions, I will split my answer into two sections: *** What is causing global warming and what can we do to stop it? Well, first of all, it is not exactly clear if there is indeed global warming at all. The phenomenon of global warming was discovered when data from various weather stations was compared from year to year. There seemed to be a trend of increasing temperatures at most of the data collection points. This indicated that the planet was warming at an alarming rate.

If you think about it, a rise in temperature of a few degrees or so at 50 or 100 points on the earth does not mean that the earth is getting hotter. It means that the data points are getting hotter. Most of the original data was collected in the forties and fifties at locations in or adjacent to urban areas. As time went on the areas of data collection became more urbanized. Logically, more people and buildings produce more heat. Data collection at remote sites that did not become urbanized did not indicate any warming at all. However, when all the data was averaged, a very frightening picture emerged. The planet seemed doomed. Because of the uncertainty of the original data (due to changes in population at the data collection points), many new weather stations were set up and an international committee was established to study global warming.

Eric Dallman

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