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Name:  TMyers
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Date: Around 1993

We just had our labs updated from Apple IIe to Mac LCII with ethernet, file server, and a modem. I would like to set up a pen pal situation between my students and other students. Could I hook up my modem to my file server, access TENET to Newton, and then have my students login and talk to other students all at the same time? I was given this new equipment but no training. I wanted to ask before doing this since I do not want to screw up my file server. Also, I was wondering if anyone has used ClarisWorks graphics. When we print our graphics, sometimes it does not print all of it, and sometimes the color is not the same as it is on the monitor. What are we doing wrong? I looked in the manual but could not find any help on printing graphics.

It should be possible to use your environment to let students access NEWTON, but I am not sure if you will be able to get more than one student at a time online, unless you have more than one LCII...I wish I could give you some specific advice but I am no network expert myself. However, if you can describe your situation to me a little more fully, I might be able to ask more knowledgeable people. Unfortunately I have never used ClarisWorks so I cannot comment, but if I were you, I would try to contact a local Mac bulletin board or user's group. Someone there should be able to answer all of your questions in detail and help you get going! You might also consider subscribing to MACWORLD or MACUSER. Perhaps your school library might be able to pick up a subscription.

Robert Topper

Ok, I assume that your ethernet network has a number of work stations (individual user machines) and a single server. There are two forms of connections that can be done. One is called modem sharing. By adding special software and connecting a modem (or many) to the server (some software will allow the modems to be on any machine on the network - actually there are little boxes you can attach to the ethernet that a modem will plug into), you can share the modem with all the work stations on the network. In this case, you are only sharing the modem in the sense that every work station can use the modem to make a call as if it were attached to the work station itself. This does not mean that it can handle multiple users at once. Only one person can use it at once. Another thing that can be done is to physically extend your ethernet net to the TENET via a modem. The difference here is that you use your modem to connect the network not a work station. This sounds easy but it is NOT. Once you connect your net to TENET (expensive and requires special equip.) then you can have your work stations 'speak' a special language (tcp/ip) and run a different telecom package (telnet) that allows you to remotely login to another machine on that network (yours and whoever is connected to the TENET - NEWTON included). This is most likely WAY OUT of your budget and not allowable by TENET, but I am not sure.

Chris Baker

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