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Name:  Jimmy Pack
Status: N/A
Age: N/A
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Country: N/A
Date: Around 1993

I would like some information on a good software example to use to demonstrate AI in my classroom. I know that some people use simulations like SimCity. What do you think?

I am no expert on AI, but I have played SimCity, and I do not think it has very much to do with Artificial Intelligence! If you want to show your class how computers can be used to simulate the behaviors of everyday objects, that may be a good example. Climate modelling, new materials and drugs, and even the interactions between particles in the nucleus are all very advanced uses of computers in basically the same fashion. You put things together and see what the simulation puts out...There are various kinds of "artificial intelligence" that you might want to discuss, if that really is what you had in mind. Neural networks, expert systems, and the language LISP all have been touted as showing "artificial intelligence", but it may be hard to get examples that young students could follow. The best example, perhaps, may be if you can get hold of a speech synthesizer, a language translator, or even something that recognizes human speech - good luck!

Arthur Smith

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