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Name: wildman Jackson
Status: N/A
Age: N/A
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Around 1993

Is there any evidence of life existing anywhere except on the earth? I have heard plenty of UFO stories, but it would be nice to know what one of you guys thinks.

I do not know how many times I have encountered this question and its variations: the simple answer is: no.


There is no CONCRETE evidence which is available that proves conclusively the existence of extraterrestrial life (this is not to say that the evidence does not EXIST -- only that it is presently not available). All the crop circles, sightings of strange light patterns, radiation traces, etc. can be relatively plausibly explained away via many theories which are more down to earth. However, I tend to side with Carl Sagan, who in effect said that since there are literally millions of galaxies out there (I am not an astronomer, so I do not really know how many galaxies we are aware of, but it is up there.), within each of which exists BILLIONS of stars, surrounded by planets of a hundred different types, it would be illogical, highly improbable, and simply arrogant to assume that we are the only planet capable of supporting life. After all, our own Mars almost makes it -- if you like it cold and do not breathe or drink much.


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