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Name: de tar
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Date: Around 1993

How many years will it be before Genetically Engineered Microorganisms are released into the environment?

Some already have been in controlled and government-approved tests. So have some non-micro organisms, mainly some food crop plants and cattle strains.


In addition to the previous response, I might add that although there are several examples of GEMS which have been released for beneficial purposes, caution must be exercised in order that a potentially harmful organism does not escape into the environment without extremely careful supervision and complete control over its spread. An example of this is the engineered bacteria which make use of crude oil as a carbon source, patented for use on oil spills. Although spraying a solution with these organisms in it can help clean up spills and decrease the OIL'S impact on the environment, you have to be careful about knowing in advance what the organisms will turn to for food once the oil is gone -- will it attack the hydrocarbons of other living organisms?


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