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Name: lamb
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Date: Around 1993

What basic knowledge concerning biology do you think a colleg- bound HS student should have when she enters a university? Some things must be more important than others. What, in your opinion, will give that student the best base on which to build? I realize that this is a very large subject to address, but what are your general feelings?

I think the student should have a basic understanding of the classification of living things, representative organisms of all the phyla, the major subcellular organelles and their functions, the basic biochemical reactions (Krebs, photosynthesis), basic knowledge of genetics (what is DNA, RNA, translation, transcription), and some physiology and anatomy of vertebrates. And of course, with all the emphasis on conservation, a good exposure to ecology and environmental science.


I teach biology at a major university, and WizKid gives a great answer. I would add, first, a basic knowledge of evolution by natural selection and, second, an understanding of the scientific method. What is an experiment, a control, and a hypothesis. Most important of all is natural curiosity and the willingness to work hard to learn. And the feeling of excitement when you find out how much we do not know.


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