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Name: conniewood
Status: N/A
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Date: Around 1993

What role does mycoplasma play in the spread of AIDS? How are Mycoplasma and HIV linked?

I believe that one of the criteria for AIDS is the development of a mycoplasma infection. Remember that HIV virus can cause little or noobvious problems for many years for someone who is infected. AIDS is what happens to someone with a compromised (poorly functioning) immune system who has been infected with the HIV virus. The HIV virus is probably what damages the immune system slowly to cause this. Mycoplasma usually do not cause infections that are a problem unless a person has a compromised immune system.


I agree with the last response, in that mycoplasma organisms do not play a role in the TRANSMISSION of the virus that causes AIDS; instead, they may contribute to the disease by infecting a vulnerable body. Our immune system is like a big burglar alarm. For the most part, it senses the presence of pathogenic "intruders" and summons the proper health enforcement officials - White blood cells, antibodies, other supporting chemicals. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, disables the immune system, letting any old pathogen just walk into the body and take over. Mycoplasma, cryptosporidia, salmonella, etc., - there are lots of bugs just waiting out there for an opportunity to loot our body's home.


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