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Name: beezlebub
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Date: Around 1993

Is it true that a glass of wine is more beneficial to your health than a glass of milk?

For children under 8 (or so) no way. The liver and blood-brain barrier - millions of special cells surrounding brain capillaries - are not fully formed and might not limit damage as in an adult. A glass of wine is also too large of a dose for youngsters. For an adult, a glass of wine in the late afternoon with food is considered beneficial, if one can indeed limit themselves to that amount and be allowed to "relax" (no driving or heavy equipment operation). However, a 55 year old woman with naturally low blood cholesterol and triglycerides, might benefit more from milk if osteoporosis is becoming a problem for her. There are many individual differences in metabolism between people so it becomes difficult to make blanket statements.

Lou Harnisch

Also to consider: Milk provides lactose, a sugar which requires a special enzyme, lactase, in order to be digested. The World Health Organization has found that 70% of people above the age of 12 lose the ability to produce lactase, and so cannot adequately digest the lactose in milk. As a result, the sugar remains intact and reaches the lower intestine, where residing bacterial flora use it as food. However, lots of gas is produced, leading to bloating and other GI disturbances.


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