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It should also be realized that these reprints were originally published between 1944 and 1984. The vast majority of these "gems" are untimely, but a few are well over 50 years old. The Forest Perserve Distrtict of Cook County will not take any responsibility for their content and offer these for both the information they contain and the historical significance they may provide.

These bulletins can serve more than one purpose:

  1. Obviously they are a great resource of interesting information about nature, and
  2. they can be used as a springboard for students to do some re-writing or enhancing activities. Have students make drawings for selected articles. Use your imagination and you should realize the value of these bulletins for all grade levels.
If you have any questions about the Nature Bulletins, please write to:
Superintendent of Conservation
Forest Preserve District of Cook County
536 North Harlem Avenue
River Forest, Illinois 60305

Special Thanks to Ron Losew (Naturalist FPCC) and his staff for really making this all possible!

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