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Nature Bulletin No. 18   June 9, 1945
Forest Preserve District of Cook County
Clayton F. Smith, President
Roberts Mann, Superintendent of Conservation

That cold fall day when the grasshopper came begging, whining and shivering, the ant paused only long enough to say, "Listen, dimwit, I worked hard all summer while you were jitterbugging around. Oh. So now you're cold and hungry. Sorry, bud no sale. I've got a lotta kids to feed all winter."

The ant is a conservationist. Conservation is a way of living a way of living that looks to the future. Conservation means the wise use of all our natural resource for the permanent good of all the people.

Conservation is a complicated jigsaw puzzle of many pieces, but they all fit together and are all related. Some folks are passionately concerned with the conservation of our forests; others with soil; others with wildlife; others with water; some with our soil, coal and other minerals. These are all phases of conservation, But in the final analysis, what we are really concerned with is the conservation of our human resources. We want to insure that this will be a better world for better people to live better lives.

Forest preserves and parks are a phase of conservation directly concerned with improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of our people. In the big metropolitan regions, like Chicago, our tough job i8 to educate the public to use intelligently its own property; to use these recreational areas fully but wisely; to destroy nothing; to leave them just as they found them. That is why at the entrance to the old-time country lane in Palos, we erected that sign which says.

I invite you to walk as folks have walked for generations and be friendly with my trees, my wild flowers, and my wild creatures.

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