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Nature Bulletin No. 15   May 19, 1945
Forest Preserve District of Cook County
Clayton F. Smith, President
Roberts Mann, Superintendent of Conservation

Fish thrive on floods. Then they can gorge themselves on worms, slugs and insects from the inundated bottomlands, or on food washed in from the fields and woods.

The recent heavy rains have put the DesPlaines river far out of its banks. Fish from tributaries and bottomland ponds or lakes where they escaped suffocation under the ice last winter, are moving about actively and restocking those stretches of the streams where thousands perished They may even come upstream, over the dams, from the lower river, Very few fish are ever swept downstream over dams.

Within the past few days, bullheads, minnows, bluegills and other kinds have been caught, and found to be fat and plump with food.

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