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Name: Krystian
Status: student
Grade: 4-5
Location: IL
Country: USA
Date: Winter 2012-2913

I have a field mouse living under our deck in the back yard. Could it dig holes? Could it also contact other animals and bring them to our house? One more thing could it eat toast and pancakes?


Field mice can live just about anywhere.

They can dig and build nests in holes they either find or dig themselves.

A single mouse can attract a mate just by the way they smell. Field mice can become pregnant at least once a month and can have a litter of three to five baby mice called pups. Pups can start having more babies in three weeks. All of these new mice can find a way into your house looking for food. If they find a suitable place in your house they will start living in and having babies in your house.

Field mice are food for and attract dogs, cats, rabbits, wolves, foxes, owls, bears and snakes. Field mice can eat just about anything including toast and pancakes.

Here is a good web page for reference:

Here is a picture I got on the internet at:

Sincere regards, Mike Stewart

Field mice are great at digging holes! They wouldn't bring any other animals there on purpose, but the hole might attract another animal to use for shelter. Mice love all food, so I'm sure they would eat toast and pancakes!

Grace Fields

Krystian: Mice might dig small holes, but they often line an existing hole for a nest. They would not bring any other animals into your house, even if they come in to find a warm place for winter. They most certainly will eat toast, pancakes and any other food scraps. House mice thrive on those foods, field mice typically eat seeds and other vegetation but will take advantage of what they can find.

J. Elliott

Hi Krystian,

Thanks for the question. Yes, some mice do dig holes. Other animals could also travel through the hole that mouse dug. This is how other animals could get inside your house. Yes, mice do eat toast and pancakes. In fact, some exterminators use peanut butter and raw eggs to attract mice and other vermin (such as skunks).

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks Jeff

Yes, it can dig holes , would not bring other animals and can eat materials you mentioned.


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