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Name: Mia
Status: student
Grade: K-3
Location: MN
Country: USA
Date: Winter 2011-2012

What are the predators of a owl?

Mia: Our largest adult owls have few predators. Smaller owls may be prey of other owls, long-eared owls are sometimes eaten by great horned owls, for example. Ground nesting owls, like short-eared owls, and especially nestlings, may be hunted by many predators, coyotes and other hawks and owls most likely. Nestlings of all birds, including owls may be hunted by other birds, raccoons, snakes and other animals that can climb trees.

J. Elliott

Hi Mia

Predators of owls include: Opossums Racoons Hawks, Eagles and other raptors Other owls House cats Snakes that raid nests

Accidents such as falling out of a nest, colliding with a tree, and electric power lines also contribute to owl mortality.

Humans are sometimes responsible for owl deaths both by accident and on-purpose, such as Shooting, accidentally trapping, colliding with a car, and sometimes farmers plow up underground burrows.

If you are interested, a good on-line article about the Barn Owl can be found at this URL:

A broader article about owls can be found at:

Sincere regards, Mike Stewart

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