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in the order hoofed mammals, horses and zebras are both in it, what is the difference between those two groups beside their appearance?

See this web site for some information.

Horses and zebras are the same order, family, and genus, and so are very closely related.

J Elliott

Hoofed mammals are ungluates. They are split into 2 orders, the cetartiodactyla and Perissodactyla. It is the arrangment of the toes that differ between the two orders. The order Perrissodactyla contains the family group Equidae (horses) which contain horses and zebras among others. Besides the stripes, zebras are closer to donkeys in that their ears stand up, they have a stiff mane and short, stiff tail hair. They also bray like a donkey! One of the biggest differences is that zebras are found only in Africa, whereas various breeds of horses can be found all over the world.

Grace Fields

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