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Name: Tammie
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I have heard there is an animal that will only eat certain parts of its prey, ie. the breast meat, thigh meat etc. Do you know what animal that could be? Possibilties may include racoon, coyote, fox. This is in regards to a number of geese in my yard that have been partially consumed.

Feeding behavior can be pretty diverse and not always easily explained. I don't know of any particular species of predator or scavenger that would eat only one part of a goose, any might start eating with the easiest to get at, most nutritious parts first, typically going into the body cavity for the internal organs. Beyond that I can't offer any other thoughts. It would be helpful if you could describe in some detail exactly what you have observed. You might also look for other signs, tracks, scat or the like that might help solve the question.

J. Elliott

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