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how do bald eagles mate? i've searched several resources such as wikipedia and i have also google searched this question. unfortunately all that i have found is that they mate for life start in April usually lay 1 to 3 eggs and will only choose another mate if their old one dies so i now turn to this site for an answer. how do they mate

From The Birder's Handbook, David S. Dobkin:

Coasts, rivers and large lakes in open areas. 1 brood.
Mating system is monogamous.
Spectacular aerial courtship, including locking talons and descending in series of somersaults.

Often in fork of tall tree; of large sticks, vegetation, etc., deeply lined with fine materials.
Cliff nests range from minimal sticks to massive structure. Occasionally more than 1 nest. Perennial, known to use more than 35 years. Both sexes help with nest construction.

Bluish-white, often nest-stained. 3.0" (76 mm)."
Copulation probably takes place on or near the nest.

J. Elliott

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