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We had 3 barred owls that live near our house on a lake. They frequent a canal behind our house. I suspect a neighbor has killed one for attempting to steal a fish he has caught. He has admitted to it to another neighbor. I am furious at his behavior. I know they are protected. Who do I report this to? I will look this weekend for the animal that was killed I am told it is still in the area. Thanks for your input. "we" have 2 left and I don't want anything to happen to them.

Three owls together means a family. Barred owls would not attempt to take a fish if a person is nearby unless it was a young fledgling with little experience. My guess is the two that are left are the adults. (I have worked with Barred owls as part of a two year study). No, they will not nest again until next winter.

Killing a Barred Owl is a shame for they are harmless for the most part in relation to human activities. Their talons are too small for large prey and they tend to focus on crayfish and mice size prey items.

The Florida Department of Natural Resources is the agency that regulates and protects wildlife in your state. They will not be able to do anything at this point, but they may come out and talk to the individual.

Steve Sample

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