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i am a 10 year old girl who is just so interested in bugs but people think i am weird but i just want to be a bug scientists so how do I apply?

Being a bug scientist (also known as an entomologist) is a great job to want to have! If you are interested in such a career, here's what you do: First and foremost, keep your love of insects alive by reading about them, catching them, and just watching them do their thing. Take all the math and science (especially biology) classes you can in school. Most entomology jobs require a college degree so putting getting into college high on your priority list. Try to find a university that has an active entomology department. If you have any such universities or other organizations that study bugs near you, see if you could job shadow an entomologist there to get an idea of what the job is like. Good luck, and have fun with bugs!

Aurora Toennisson

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