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Hi I have a question, my daughter has a Bull frog and it's skin has started peeling, and I was wondering what could be the cause of this and what could I do about it?

The first thing I think of is that it's not getting enough moisture. Amphibians need a lot of moisture on their skin to keep it healthy. Make sure you spritz the cage with water daily and provide a dechlorinated water source, such as a little pool or bowl filled up so the frog can sit in it and keep his head above water. You can dechlorinate the water by putting some in a clear pitcher in a windowsill with light for at least 24 hours. Make sure that bowl of water is changed daily. To make sure it's humid enough, you can buy a humidity meter at any pet store that sells reptile supplies. Make sure the humidity is at at least 40%, if not higher. I hope this helps you! Tell me if he starts to feel better!

Grace Fields

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