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Name: amelia
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I was told i have fraternal twin boys ( now 2 years old) They were 9 weeks early and had very dark blue/grey eyes not long after i got them home (5 weeks later) their eyes started to change colour and we noticed that Finley had 2 different coloured eyes which are now light brown and dark brown. Hamish just has light brown eyes. Alot of people think they are identical but i assume that with finley having 2 different coloured eyes this proves they are not. However I am not sure as they do look incerdibly alike to people who do not know us.

I have 2 questions

What causes a babies eye colour to change in the early months? and as Finleys eyes changed to 2 different colours and Hamish 2 the same coloured in the early months does this prove they are fraternal?

It sounds to me like whatever insect tried to emerge from your cocoon died shortly thereafter. A cocoon, or any other pupae, does not molt to become another cocoon.

Aurora Toennisson

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