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Name:  Taylor
Status: student
Grade: 4-5
Location: NY
Country: N/A
Date: 1/20/2006

Why is there fat around the liver of a chicken?

One reason is that the organs like the liver in a body have to stay safe. Imagine if you sent a box full of drinking glasses through the mail to a friend, but you never wrapped them up in paper or polystyrene foam or the like. It would not take long for those glasses to break. The same is true of organs. Organs are very fragile and can get injured easily. That chicken will be running, hopping, and possibly flying, which will make the liver move around inside. Because of this, the liver has a layer of fat around which acts as a cushion or "air bag" for the liver. We also have this same layer around our liver. Even our heart and kidneys have fat around them also for the same reason. Great question!

Grace Fields

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