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Name: jessica
Status: other
Age: K-3
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 4/8/2005

How do snakes lay there eggs?

Hi Jessica! the snakes are kind of strange animals, arent they? such long body, no feet, and some have venom into their mouths!

Then to be born they are a little different also: some snakes lay eggs, and some have their babies born alive, like us, that is not from eggs. All female snakes have an special opening, more or less in the middle of their body from where they lay the eggs and also from where the baby snake is born.

The eggs are laid just at the land and stay there with no special care, very few species of snakes take care until they hatch. Both the little snakes that are born from eggs and the ones that are born already alive, after a few minutes of beeing born are ready to take care of themselves, not needing the parents (or the mother) special feeding or any help to learn how to live alone. I told you the snakes are strange!

Thanks dear for asking NEWTON your question .


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