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Name:        Cheryl M.
Status:       educator
Age:          50s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 1/29/2004

I live in Shelbyville, IL. Recently (1/20/04) I noticed perhaps 50 robins feeding in a tree with lots of berries. I have not noticed robins still present here in central Illinois in January before. Is this year unusual or have I just been non-observant? I have only lived here two winters. I recently moved from Lake Co. IL where one never sees a robin in January.

Northern Illinois has a population of wintering robins every year.

Steve Sample

It is very common to find large numbers of robins wintering throughout Illinois. I have kept detailed notes of observations in Cook County for almost 30 years, 25 years ago wintering robins were around but irregularly and in relatively small numbers, but by the 1990's were much more abundant. For example, on the Christmas Count in Dec. 1997 at River Trail Nature Center, less than 5 miles south of the Lake County line, I counted 47. The next winter I noted "several dozen" along Salt Creek in western Cook County. Check the complete detailed records of Christmas bird counts for more details, you can find counts for the areas you live now and where you used to live, at this web site:

which is a wonderfully fascinating resource.

J. Elliott

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