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Name: Gilbert H. J.
Status: other
Age: 50s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Saturday, May 18, 2002

Would a crayfish in our garden eat our potatoes, carrots and other crops? We found a mysterious hole in our garden and tried many things to flush out the inhabitant. We even flooded the hole and the back entrance with water hoping to drown or run the critter away. Last night I checked the entrance to the hole and found a crawfish guarding the entrance and a pile of mud around the hole. There certainly is an irony in trying to flush out a crayfish with water!! He or she was probably happily swimming around in the tunnel. Last year some critter ate all of our potato crop from the bottom. When we harvested we got only one potato peel attached to the bottom of the potato plant. Could that have been the crayfish? If so, how can we get rid of it.

I do not believe crayfish would do any damage to your potato, carrot or other root crop. Their holes can be a nuisance but they are scavengers on detritus.

J. Elliott

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