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Name: Alys
Status: other
Age: 20s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2001

I have a ornamental pond that I installed this summer. It is the hard plastic formed kind. I have goldfish in it and this summer a frog adopted the pond. I have some thin flat rocks surrounding the pond, but they would not provide much cover. Where will the frog go this winter? Do I need to provide something for him? I do have a floating pond deicer so the water won't freeze through. The pond is only 2 feet deep.

The frog is not likely to survive in the pond over the winter, even if the water does not freeze through. It is possible for some frogs to survive limited freezing but if you are concerned, do not take the chance. Remove the frog and release it somewhere in a deeper, larger pond with a natural bottom, while it is still warm enough for it to have a chance to find a place to hibernate.

J. Elliott

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