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Name: Barbara L
Status: educator
Age: 30s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2001294

My friend was out on a fishing boat today (off the coast of Massachusetts, near Plymouth, MA, and had some guests come on board. He described them as ocean canaries, and they were very friendly, and was able to hold them (very small). They were brown, and had a small beak, maybe 1/2" long, and had yellow under their grey wings. My questions is this: Is there such a thing as an ocean canary (of do they have a different name?) that can survive out on the ocean? They came on board and stayed for about 2 hours, resting, and when they got back into the harbor, they flew off and joined some other birds. It was quite an unusual thing for him to see and experience!

Small land birds may be blown out over the ocean during migration, and will rest on anything they can find to land on; when they do they are usually so exhausted that they seem tame. These sound like they may have been a species of warbler. There are no birds named "ocean canaries" and in fact no very small birds that live on the oceans.

J. Elliott

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