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Name: Derek R.
Status: student
Age: 13
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 1999-2001

Behind my house is undeveloped oak/bay woodland that has been bought by a developer who is going to build 27 homes. Across the street is watershed property, so we have a lot of wild plants and animals. The developer says he is going to take out a lot of the trees. I have seen a mating pair of hawks for the past few years on this property. I think they are Cooper's Hawks or sharp shinned hawks. (Their call sounds sort of like a seagull.) Can you tell me how the development will affect the hawks. Shoud the developer leave some of the land open for the hawks to nest and hunt? Will the hawks leave? I am worried about how they will be affected.

It is VERY unlikely that hawks, of any species, will remain in an area with 27 homes, unless the area is very large and the house lots are large, leaving most of the trees. Cooper's hawks prefer fairly dense woodlands and are not likely to remain with any sort of development. Displacement of wildlife is an almost inevitable consequence of commercial or residential development, or of most human activity for that matter. I am sorry I cannot be more optimistic but patterns of development is one of our major environmental concerns

J. Elliott

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