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Name: Suhela
Status: student
Age: 17
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2000-2001

Is it normal for girls to have hair on their stomachs? Is there an effective and inexpensive way to remove body and facial hair?

Hi Suhela!

see, the human species are primates and followed a long trend of evolution before reaching the stage of homo sapiens. His ancestors were fully hairy as a protection because they did'nt use clothes. Still now we have hair over our bodies. Some people have more, some people have less. It depends of many factors, hormonal, genetic. That condition is no directly related with health but if a woman has really too much hair, maybe a good idea is to see a medical doctor, a ginecologist. He will know if it is a case for some hormone prescription. Some girls are concerned because they have hair, for exemple over the face, or lips, or arms or tummy... If someone have aesthetic concerns and want to have the hair removed there are several ways permanent or not.

Permanent: the hair can be removed by eletrolysis; it takes some time and is kind of expensive.

Non-permanent: the hair can be bleached with special oxidants specially made for this and sold at drugstores; the hair can be removed with special waxes, it is kind of painful.

There are nowadays special products (as Nudit) that "dissolves" the hair, quite inexpensive and sold at drugstores.Somehow they "clean" the hair from the skin. The non permanent methods are quite allright but must be done quite often, each week.

Ok? That "problem" is easily solved, and girls can always be pretty girls.

And thanks for asking NEWTON!

(Dr. Mabel Rodrigues

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