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Name: Unknown
Status: other
Age: 60s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2000-2001

On 7/1 I noticed a few flies flying near my kitchen window; upon closer ivestigation I seen 50 or 60 swarmed up in the corner of the window pane. They were on that window and the two above my kitchen sink, and in the living room windows. I sprayed till gone. They were not flying, they were just huddled there. It was 89 degrees on that day, it was mid-afternoon. All the doors were closed, windows closed and screened, no foodstuff laying around, a/c was running. We live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.Please see if you can figure this out. It was very unnerving. Thanking you in advance.

They were most likey a form of fly "Domsticus horribilus" which bloom on certain warm days usually after a spell of cooler days. They are NOT the same as the typical green house fly. They are attracted to light which is why they were on your window. I clever and effective way to exterminate them is to suck them up into a vacuum cleaner (avoiding insecticide is good).

Peter Faletra

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