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October 28 - November 4

Question of the Week

Name: Kumardip
Status: other
Grade: 6-8
Country: India
Date: Summer 2014 


We know that a big crunch will occur after many years. The universe is now expanding. Up to what limit will it expand? What is the final limit of our universe?

Answers from Our Expert Staff


I do not think there is enough evidence to say that the Big Crunch will occur. We have not found sufficient mass to cause a reversal to the expansion, we are currently observing an accelerating rate of expansion, and our strongest telescopes has not allowed us to see beyond a certain distance/time - we do not know.

Greg (Roberto Gregorius)
Canisius College

Very good question. We do not know. Nor do we know if the expansion will ever stop; right now there is evidence that it will never stop, and that the expansion is even accelerating.

David H. Levy

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