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Hello, I'm a teaching a class of sophomores about weather patterns and how they affect planting and life cycles of animals and humans. I'm looking for correlation between the Asian tsunami a few years back and how the fall weather presently is very mild and warm, for this region of the world. If you could direct me to an information source that can verify or disprove this theory, it would be greatly appreciated.

Tsunamis, alone, do not have much effect on whether. However, tsunamis that are caused by volcanoes that spew tons of various dust and gases into the atmosphere will affect weather, sometimes for years. But it is the eruption of the volcano that is the direct cause, not the tsunami itself. The effect of the volcano could occur with or without a tsunami.

Vince Calder


There are normally no correlations between geological events like earthquakes (and resulting tsunamis) and weather, particularly in an area remote from the geological event (such as WA state) and removed from the event by so much time.

David R. Cook
Climate Research Section
Environmental Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory

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