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Name: Ryan
Status: Other
Grade: Other
Date: 6/22/2005

I've been through your website and it seems very interesting.I have a question to bring up which i am not really sure what cat behaviuor will be like when they feel that their time is up. Our cat has gone missing this week and has been like a member of the family to us for 15 years now. He was looking not like himself lately and it seemed that his old age cannot take it for much longer. One evening after being at the table like he usually does after every meal he vanished and never to be seen again. We walked all over the neighbourhood as we might have tought he had ran away, but i have heard the fact that cats might hide themselves when they feel that their time is up. If this does occur is it usual that the cats' last hiding place would be indoors where he has spent all his lifetime or does he run away from the house for noone too see him anymore?

Hi Ryan

I never heard of such behaviour of domestic cats, that lived for 15 years close to a family. Usually they become very attached and ask for help if they are sick I mean I suppose you took good care of him taking to vets and so on. I am not speaking as a vet or a zoologist but someone that is very fond of cats and has had dozens cats during my life.

Sometimes at the end when they feel very bad they can look for a quiet place to die. But when we notice that take it to a good vet that usually help us to have it free from suffrance.(Euthanize) Maybe he is just in pain. If you find it take your good companion to a vet, please.

Thanks for asking us
Mabel (Dr. Mabel M. Rodrigues)
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