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Name: Oliver
Status: Other
Age: 50s
Date: 9/13/2004

My cat Spot is about 7 years old and he is not very affectionate, if I go away for a weekend he becomes more so. I find he tends to lick me then bites is this some sign of affection or aggression ? Lately he meows at me when I come home I am not sure if he is happy to see me or annoyed that I have left him alone. Also is it a good idea to put him on a leash and take him for a walk outside?

Dear Oliver

I answer as a long time cat rescuer and cat lover not as a vet. The cat usually is very much attached and affectionate to his owner. But it is a little different than the dog that shows more freely its love.

Cats are more independent. The cat answers the love it receives, try to show that you love him, pet him a lot of times. Some like to be kissed, some to be cuddled, scratched,talked, you must find. When it bites back it is hurt? If not he is showing affection, if it is too strong, say no,no or do something (lightly) to show you are not agreeing. But licking and meowing are signs of affection. Maybe he misses you when you leave him alone. Try to show him you missed him also.

Love is something in cats as in humans one shows correspondence.. By other side see if he is healthy, has no pain sometimes he is feeling bad. There are people that takes cats with lashes to walk, there are special ones for that. But it is somehow difficult, to begin doing at his age, maybe it will be not an easy thing, either if he is an inside or outside only cat.

Good luck with your friend. I am sure that mostly probably iwhen you show him your love he answers positively.

(Dr. Mabel Rodrigues)

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