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Name: Chris C.
Status: Other
Age: 20s
Date: 8/6/2004

Hello, I was wondering the specific reasoning for the way dog's greet other dogs? Why do they smell each other? Also, where could I find this information, (web site, book, magazine)?

Hi Chris

The animals communicate.That communication uses as external way the senses organs and through them the impressions are transmitted to the brain and interpreted by various and complexes ways. It is called pheromone any chemical used in intraspecific communication between animals. These chemicals may be secreted by special glands or incorporated in other products such as excretory urine. Many of them are sex attractants. Dogs have the sense of smell very well displayed. Remember the chase dogs for example. They find mostly through the sense of smell. When the dogs (and other animals, like the cat) greet others they go through the pheronome that is located at the anal glands. So by their way of greet, they are recognizing( or not) themselves. That happen elsewhere at the animal kingdom, look at the ants, and the bees. And.the humam mammal has of course pheronomes, only... we are more discreet. But some scientists say that pheronomes play a part in simphatizing (or not) some other person at first sight.

And thanks for asking NEWTON!

(Dr. Mabel Rodrigues)

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