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Name: None  
Status: Other
Age: 60s
Date: 8/2/2004

I have a 10 year old small dog, who sometimes wakes up in the morning or middle of the night screaming, why is he doing that? Veterinarians can't figure out why, they find him ok.I am so worried, after that, then he is panting most of the day.

II am sorry but i dont think nobody can figure why a pet should scream and panty for no reason.

When that begun?

Must surely have a reason. First try another vet, see yourself if he has some pain, by testing its body (the animals have pains just like us). Otherwise it could be that he is in fear of somebody or something. Or have ticks. Or is hungry or thirst, or have cold or hot...

So many things to test... Even can be it is needing some petting, they love to be caressed usually. Or to be taken out with a collar. Sorry i may sound a little exagerating, no i am only an animal-lover...

Thanks for asking NEWTON! and give us news!

(Dr. Mabel Rodrigues)

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