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Name: Jeff
Status: Other
Age: 13
Location: N/A
Country: USA
Date: 2000-2001

I own a pair of doves and we are 95% sure that they are mating. I need to know were do the eggs come out? Also the dove will not go in the nesting box! She is siting in the food and that is hung, I am scared the eggs will hit the bottom of the cage and break! Is there any thing I can do so she will go in the nesting box?


I only have some general information; my brother has a few pet birds, and this has been my observation:

The female will place the eggs in a safe location. Just because you see an egg, do not assume the egg will hatch. Eggs can be produced which are infertile, meaning the egg was not fertilized before the shell encased it. If the egg WAS fertilized, the egg might eventually result in a young dove, after a time.

Once the egg(s) are laid, the female will sit with them. If the eggs are infertile, after some time, they will begin to smell. This is a sign that they are infertile and should then be discarded. This occurs in the few weeks timeframe. I have seen my brother take each egg, after two weeks or so, smell it, and replace it if there is still no smell of spoilage. If the egg smells spoiled, he discards it.

Be careful not to interfere too much with the doves and their reproduction. It is best to let nature take its course. Keep the birds well fed and supply sufficient water; they will do the rest. As I said, after a couple weeks, if the eggs show no activity, you can check for spoilage smells every couple of days.

Good luck; thanks for using NEWTON!

Ric Rupnik

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