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My partner and I need all the information possible on teleportation as in transporting objects from place to place. You can answer me here or e-mail me at Any help will be appreciated.

For the latest info on teleportation, check out the most recent edition of the SF Eng Tech Man (Star Fleet Engineer's Technical Manual), chapter 6, Star Fleet Academy Press, San Francisco, stardate 46169.7

John Hawley

Science fiction is stuffed with stories and speculations about teleportation. Larry Niven, for example, wrote a whole series of stories involving teleportation devices with the amusing restriction that things like energy and momentum were still conserved, so that, for example, teleporting uphill made you colder and downhill made you warmer. Teleportation is a problem mostly, I think, because from the viewpoint of special relativity it violates "causality." That is, if you could teleport things, than from the viewpoint of certain observers you would be able to arrange effects to precede causes.

christopher grayce

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