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What is behind a black hole?

A rabbit who is always late, and a small bottle labeled "Drink Me."

christopher grayce

Hey, Mr. Grayce,
If I was able to resist this one, I should hope you would have been able to do the same.
Sorry, wish I had the scientific answer to this one, j. gordon.


The reason for the silly answer (#1) is that a black hole is not like a 2-dimensional hole in the ground, but is a 3-dimensional hole in space. You have probably got a globe of the world or something else spherical (an orange say) somewhere around - the black hole is that shape, in other words. What is "behind" the horizon - what is on the "inside" of the black hole, is just whatever matter fell in. Very tightly squished together. Actually, nobody really knows what kind of state that matter would be in, since we do not have black holes around to experiment with...

Arthur Smith

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