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Date: 1991 

Is there any information on flame ionization or a flame speaker?

Using Iowa State University's online journal index, the only reference I findto "flame ionization" is "flame ionization detectors"; for example, an article entitled "Flame ionization detector response factors for paint solvents: measuring emissions of volatile organic compounds." Is that the sort of thing you are interested in? If not, can you give more information? For "flame speaker", I found this on the online Readers' Guide Abstracts: "Experiment with plasma acoustics", by John Iovine, in the magazine Popular Electronics, vol. 9 (Oct. 1992) p. 37-8. The Readers' Guide says "As demonstrated in experiments 20 years ago, an audio speaker can be created from a high temperature plasma. The manner in which to duplicate the plasma acoustic phenomenon at low temperatures, using a butane or propane flame seeded with potassium nitrate, is depicted and described."


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