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Name: Tayfun
Status: other
Grade: other
Country: Angola
Date: Fall 2012

What happens when a neutron crash to another neutron? Will they collide elastically?

Hi Tayfun,

Thanks for the question. When a neutron collides with another neutron, one possible outcome is an elastic collision (also know as elastic scattering). Another possible outcome is the generation of new particles. The generation of particles (other than neutrons) occurs if there is sufficient kinetic energy.

Jeff Grell

Hi Tayfun,

That depends upon the energy they are accelerated to. At low energy, they would probably collide elastically, n + n --> n + n. However, at high energy, they would probably break down to protons and pi mesons(pion) or even to protons and electrons; with the accompanying energies released.

Peter E. Hughes, Ph.D. Milford, NH

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