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Name: Todd
Status: other
Grade: other
Country: Australia
Date: Summer 2011

I have a question because I am old and forgetful. I know there is another, similar answer in here on the topic of regelation, but I am trying to think of the name of a law or principle that I learned about 30 years ago. Regelation is a very similar situation to when water (or beer) is in a bottle with no air gap and then it is brought below zero degrees. I am having trouble formulating the correct words, but the water (or beer) does not freeze because the change is resisted by the reaction itself. In this case, it is the fact that the water has to expand to freeze, but there is not sufficient space for it to do so and the freezing point is lowered as a result. This behaviour has a name and it is more general than the fact that, in this case, the freezing point is lowered as a result of the pressure, it applies to any reaction where change as a result of the reaction resists or slows the reaction itself (like negative delta-T in heat flow). Can someone help me out, it is bugging me.

I believe you are refering to Le Chatelier's Principle.

Gregg Bradburn

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