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Name:  Carolyn
Status:  student
Age:  13
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2000-2001

Einstein's theory was proven over time. If theory is proven over course of time, they are to make it into a law. but why don't they make einstein's theory to law. it was proven over 70 years that it's correct.

Actually, it has not actually been proven to be correct. The proper way to state things is, "Nothing has disagreed with it." Using the word "Law" or "Theory" is not a big part of physics. Newton's three laws of motion only work when objects are not as small as atoms and not moving close to the speed of light. Nothing in physics is absolutely true. All the laws and theories are explanations of reality that seem to work.

Science cannot prove something true for all situations. There are too many possible situations to even try counting. Science tries to explain what is observed. These explanations are used to predict what should happen. Experiments are done to see if the predictions are correct. If so, the explanation worked in that one situation. If not, the explanation is probably wrong.

Kenneth Mellendorf

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