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Name: Stefanie
Status: Other
Grade:  Other
Location: CA
Country: United States
Date: December 2006

I read an article today about new research regarding RNA interference drugs that would hijack the mechanism to stop genes from making disease causing proteins before a disease takes hold or in an early stage when treatment may be more effective (USA Today). Theoretically speaking, can RNAi possibly interfere/correct enzyme secretion or neurotransmitters?

RNAi is a natural occurring phenomenon that regulates gene expression (suppression). Man made interference is accomplished using anti-sense RNA which hybridizes with complementary mRNA to inactivate the mRNA so that it can't be translated into the corresponding protein or enzyme.

Ron Baker, Ph.D.

The Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology was awarded for research on RNAi, so this is a very timely subject. Here are a few sources for you:

(An article from Science News about RNAi.)

This is an animation of RNAi from NOVA Now.


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