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Name: Amanda
Status: Other
Grade: Other
Location: OH
Country: United States
Date: December 2005

If you are testing the DNA transforming principle and you add RNAse to the DNA does it effect the transforming principle?

Dear Amanda,
The short answer is no, but that will not get you the grade. The key to the answer is what is the target of RNase enzyme and is this similar or distinct to the DNA transforming principle.

Jim Tokuhisa, Ph.D.

RNAse does not inactivate the transforming principle, however, DNAse does. This statement assumes that the RNAse is pure and is not contaminated with DNAse.

Ron Baker, Ph.D.

No, it doesn't, as long as the RNAse is sufficiently pure so as to not contain any DNAse. In practice, before really good pure RNAse was available, we would prepare a batch of RNAse by boiling the heck out of it. The boiling would destroy any contaminating DNAse enzyme activity, but not the RNAse activity, since RNAse is a remarkably stable enzyme.

Paul Mahoney, PhD

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