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Name: Janine H.
Status: Other
Age: 30s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: December 2002

How long would streptococci bacteria survive on inanimate objects (such as toys, furniture, sheets, toothbrushes,etc.) and be able to cause reinfection of humans in the house?

The nature of your question indicates that you have experienced a Streptococcus infection in your household, and that you are afraid of reinfection. In general, however, we are 'bombarded' with bacteria, including streptococci, which are normal flora of the mouth and throat. Bacteria are everywhere and they do not harm us.

See, for instance,

It is completely unnecessary to disinfect household utensils or toys, since we have evolved with these micro-organisms and our bodies have learned to cope with them. The only exception may be an individual with a severely impaired immune system. The precautions taken in those circumstances are better dictated by a medical specialist.

Trudy Wassenaar

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