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Name: Carlette M.
Status: Other
Age: 40s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: September 2002

Is it true that cats can asymptomatically carry Group B Strep ... Please do not confuse this with the other Streps (group a; group c; or group g which cause sore throats. But true, Gram Negative, Beta Hemolytic Strep.

Streptococcus are Gram Positive, not negative. Cats can theoretically be carrier of Strep Group B but it is not common. An example of a Group B Strep is S. agalactiae, which is frequently isolated from milk of cows suffering from mastitis.

Trudy Wassenaar

By the way-streptococcus is always gram positive-but anyway-I have not heard that cats can carry Group B Strep. That does not mean they do not, I just have not heard that. They do carry Toxoplasmosis however which is a protozoal disease.


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